As a continuation of 40 years experience, as the Duyoteks, was founded in 2000 with a new structure and business model.

As the Duyoteks, based on Ankara, makes productions to different types of Public Institutions for needs.

In the product range of our company which is a brand in Textile materials intended for Public Institutions and using and trying to develop the technology and technique at each stage, there are yarn and woven fabrics made of wool, polyester, cotton and viscon and sewed products ranging from military clothing to bedclothes, police shirts to parkas, waiter vests to dungarees. Our company also has produced kampet bedding materials and used in conjunction with fabric and aluminum vote cabinet.



The quality policy of Duyoteks,

  • We will provide exact production and duly delivery to the persons, institutions and organizations which we work with as well as adding surplus value for our customers while producing creative and innovative products,
  • We will produce consistent products with reasonable prices without sacrificing quality by conducting efficiency researches for our products,
  • We will constantly improve and develop our services as well as increasing the efficiency within the framework of current legal legislation by making TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System TS EN ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System Standards applicable through efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources. We guarantee that we will constantly improve and develop our management system,
  • We will constantly increase “quality” level and efficiency as well as closely following scientific and technological developments through the efficient use of our sources for sustainable development,
  • We will train our staff for having competence, skills and experiences in the operational fields of our company. We will also make them adopt the mentality of team work,
  • We will provide services in accordance with the quality, conditions and criteria which are determined based on the needs requested by domestic and foreign customers; we will also work with the suppliers having high levels of quality by evaluating quality levels of the suppliers who will be worked with,
  • We will carry out studies for improving environmental awareness of the relevant parties,
  • We will enable reuse and recycling of the wastes, when applicable, as well as disposal of the wastes which cannot be reused through approprite methods,
  • We will sensitively watch the hazards regarding occupational health and safety and do our best in order to minimize them,
  • We will obey to our legal liabilities, Environmental and OHS legislations in force and the rules of the unions which we are a part of,
  • We will conduct studies for improving Environmental and OHS awareness of the relevant parties,
  • We will bring management mentality, the idea of constantly development, managements and systems in compliance with the MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in all processes; we will constantly improve the efficiency; we will make all the staff to comprehend this idea and we will increase market share, profitability and competitive capacity accordingly,
  • We will constantly improve and enhance our OHS management system.




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